TPM National Learning Network (NLN) Annual Survey

Thank you for your willingness to participate in our TPM NLN Annual Survey to help us keep up to date with the incredible work you all are doing in your communities and to better assess how we can continue to support you.

Please read through the FAQ page before you begin. 


The TPM NLN Survey is broken into three parts.
Part 1: Employer Collaborative Information
In this section we hope to capture information about your experience starting and/or supporting employer collaboratives, particularly over the past year. Some teams may choose to submit one survey that includes information for all of the collaboratives their team oversees, others may choose to submit one survey per TPM practitioner. There will be an opportunity to note whether or not you are responding on behalf of your team or for yourself below. For those of you that have not yet started an employer collaborative, you can skip this section by responding “no” to the first question.
Questions include: number of collaboratives, collaborative name, if the collaborative is active, what the focus of the collaborative is, what strategy they are on, # of employers engaged, geographic region, collaborative website or link to any related resources. 
Part 2: About You

This section is all about you. We’d like to know who you are, where you’re working (especially if your organization or role has changed), how you’re currently engaging with us, how you’d like to engage with the network, and how we can support you moving forward. There’s also an opportunity for you to provide your bio and headshot!

Part 3: Areas of Expertise: Employer Collaboratives, Industries + Strategies
This section is also about you, but focused on the skills and knowledge you bring to the network based on your experience. This includes TPM strategies, industries, and other specialty areas. 

All members of the TPM National Learning Network are encouraged to participate. If you’ve graduated from or are currently in a TPM Academy, regardless of whether or not you’ve started a collaborative, we would love to hear from you! 

Depending on how your implementation team is organized, you might choose to have one person submit Part 1 on behalf of all the employer collaboratives your team supports. If this is the case, we still ask that all other team members complete Parts 2 and 3 (detailed in the following section) as they pertain to questions about your individual experience. 

Depending on how much information you collect in advance the survey should only take 10-20 minutes to complete. 10 minutes if you come completely prepared and have a handful of collaboratives, 20 minutes if you need some time to list out your collaboratives and find accompanying information.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save your work once you start. We suggest that you collect all of the information you might need on your employer collaboratives prior to beginning the survey. 

If you have questions that have not been covered in this FAQ page, please email

Start the TPM NLN Annual Survey below!

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