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The TPM Academy is an in-person or virtual training where workforce leaders from across the country come together to develop solutions to support the students, workers, and businesses in their community.


The Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) initiative puts employers in the driver’s seat of workforce partnerships for demand-driven workforce solutions. Facilitated by the U.S. Chamber Foundation, the TPM Academy is an in-person experience, combined with online activities and meetings, to train workforce leaders on the TPM approach.

Supported by a customized curriculum that serves as a handbook and toolkit for participants, the TPM Academy also has a companion web tool that activates the six TPM strategies to streamline data collection and visualization. Participants are given access to these resources throughout the training.

This training provides participants with a customizable framework to create solutions that directly address the challenges they face in building high-performing talent pipelines in their local economy. 

In 2019, the U.S. Chamber Foundation expanded the program and launched the first TPM Upskill Academy to support employers in improving the skills of incumbent employees and preparing them for success in new and changing roles.

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More Details about the Academy

What is Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM)?

A demand-driven, employer-led approach to closing the skills gap. Utilizing supply chain management principles, employers play an expanded leadership role as “end-customers” of education and workforce partnerships. The TPM® framework is composed of six strategies that, when implemented in a particular sequence, make for a talent supply chain approach. Each strategy is designed to build off one another and support employers in developing a more data- and performance-driven approach to improving education and workforce partnerships.

How long does it take?

The TPM Academy is traditionally facilitated through
two to four in-person or virtual meetings over six to nine months
with instruction provided by the Chamber Foundation
and practitioners recognized as TPM Academy faculty.
Technical assistance is offered throughout and after the
TPM Academy. To execute the six TPM strategies, it can
take anywhere from eight months to two years.

Is TPM right for you?

TPM may be a good fit if you are an employer requiring a talent pipeline solution that can produce a skilled workforce in two years or less, addressing a workforce need that requires additional training between two and four years, or building upskill pathways for incumbent workers to promote them to destination jobs. TPM may also be a good fit if you are an education, workforce, or economic development partner that wants to repurpose employer engagement beyond an advisory capacity, or better align programming to produce more streamlined, employer-led career pathways.

How much does the
TPM Academy cost?

The TPM Academy curriculum is available online at
no cost. An organization or community interested in
hosting a TPM Academy should read the TPM
Orientation in the curriculum to assess what steps need
to be taken and contact the Chamber Foundation to
discuss the parameters for hosting a TPM Academy.

Ready to participate in a TPM Academy and organize your cohort?

Learn more about what’s involved and see if TPM is the right fit for you.

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