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TPM Co/Lab™ is our new online learning platform for the TPM Academy program and it’s accompanying learning opportunities. It supports employers, employer associations, and education and training providers to earn an assessment-based certificate to demonstrate their knowledge of the proven Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) framework and methodologies, while building an international community of peer professionals to learn and grow with.  Those that wish to advance their standing can participate in continued education opportunities and apply for Verified Practitioner status through a peer-review process.

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General FAQ

You can enroll in a TPM Academy course by clicking on the blue button above or going to colab.tpmacademy.org and clicking on the “catalog” tab to view all available courses for first time or returning learners. 

If you enroll in a live learning cohort and determine that you are no longer able to participate in the course you have options. If you would like to defer or transfer your enrollment to a different cohort later in the year, you must do so by the Strategy 2 training. If you would like to completely withdraw from the TPM Academy program you must do so by the end of the Strategy 1 TPM Academy live learning session and/or before completing the Strategy 2 eLearning content, whichever comes first. If either of these occur, a refund cannot be processed. 

If eligible, a course transfer or deferment will be honored one time. 

If you have any questions, please email tpmsupport@uschamber.org.

Learners can pay for the TPM in several ways. The first is immediately as part of their registration and enrollment process on the TPM Co/Lab platform. You also have the option to request a purchase order/invoice during the enrollment process which will allow for you to have a third party pay for your course via check, ACH, or credit card directly to our operations and finance team. If you check the box for purchase order during enrollment, you will receive an email from a USCCF staff member requesting information for payment. 

You can find information on our upcoming Blended Learning TPM Academy cohorts by visiting our Blended Learning landing page. This is where we will post the most up to date information on upcoming academies as well as any interest webinars. 

The TPM Academy live learning cohort sessions are facilitated by TPM Faculty members, with a special guest facilitator for our “meet the expert” component of each session. TPM Faculty members are established TPM practitioners with demonstrated implementation success in their community. They have been verified by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to teach new practitioners in the methodology and have undergone a teacher shadowing and master class series.  You can view our existing TPM Leadership members here. 

Determining which learning format is best for you can be a daunting process. It really depends on the individual learner and what works best for you. What we have seen be most successful is thinking about two things: your starting place (SP) and your learning style (LS). 

TPM Academy On-demand: 

  • SP: You’re in an organization with an established TPM process or model. You are using the training as part of your onboarding experience and have a support-system of established TPM practitioners to guide your learning and further implementation. 
  • SP: You’re using this as an information gathering or proof of concept experience to learn more about the TPM framework and develop a value proposition for bringing TPM to your community. 
  • LS: You need maximum flexibility in how and when you learn. You want to be able to take your time in exploring the framework as quickly or long as you want. 

TPM Academy Blended Learning: 

  • SP: You are the sole person or in a small group of people from your organization or partnering organizations that want to be able to utilize the TPM framework right away. 
  • SP: You have established general buy-in for the TPM process but want support and feedback as you move through the learning to develop a strong implementation plan. 
  • LS: You work best by having a more structured learning environment and weekly or bi-weekly check-ins to reinforce your learning. You benefit from meeting other learners and establishing a network of peers from the beginning that you can lean on as you move toward implementation. 


TPM Co/Lab accounts are for existing TPM Academy graduates or those currently going through a TPM Academy. In order to register for an account you must first enroll in a course. Your account will be created concurrently with your enrollment. 

If you have any questions, please email TPMsupport@uschamber.org

Yes! Learners that successfully complete all of the TPM Academy eLearning modules may be eligible for a certificate of completion. While we prefer that you complete 100% of the eLearning to receive the certificate of completion some learners have had issues with tracking their progress, therefore we allow a variance of 10-15% in cases where issues with tracking have been documented. 

Learners that complete their eLearning modules for the TPM Academy AND successfully pass the summative assessment are eligible for their TPM Talent Supply Chain Manager credential. This will automatically be sent through our badge provider, Credly, once all of the requirements have been met. 

Want to see TPM in action?

Read about the incredible work of our TPM practitioners all across the U.S. on our blog below.

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