TPM Academy: Global 2023

In lieu of an in-person Global TPM Academy, interested parties are encouraged to participate in a virtual TPM Academy program and Live Learning cohort on our new TPM Co/Lab™ platform. The learning of the TPM framework is self-paced through eLearning modules, and supported by participation in a live learning cohort. The cohort is hosted and facilitated by U.S. Chamber Foundation staff and recognized TPM Faculty.

Event Overview

TPM Academy is where workforce leaders from across the country come together over a eight weeks to develop TPM solutions that will support the students, workers, and businesses in their community.

All participants in the TPM Academy are required to commit to complete their eLearning lecture courses and attend eight virtual 2.5 hour discussion/recitation sessions.

Additional events and workshops are available optionally during the course of the TPM Academy training as part of the National Learning Network. 

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Cohort 1: Live Learning Session Dates

Meeting #1 (Orientation): March 3 
Meeting #2 (Strategy 1): March 10
Meeting #3 (Strategy 2): March 17
Meeting #4 (Strategy 3): March 24
Meeting #5 (Strategy 4): March 31
Meeting #6 (Strategy 5 Part 1): April 13 10:00AM-12:30PM ET
Meeting #7 (Strategy 5 Part 2): April 21
Meeting #8 (Strategy 6): April 28
Meeting #9 (Optional Implementation Workshop): May 22 + 23 in Washington, D.C.

*All meetings are held virtually from 11:00AM -1:30PM ET, unless otherwise noted.
**The optional implementation workshop will be held in-person, at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. 

The Experience

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